Friday, August 7, 2009

A Pink Saturday @ IKEA on Tuesday

Exhausted and happy, Claudia and I, after a trip to IKEA that seemed like it would never end. Even Aubrey was fading after two and a half hours...not sure what the giant straw hat was for in the plant area, but it was fun.
With school right around the corner my eldest daughter, Whitney is preparing for her own room at college this year. She has a clear idea of the decor for her room. First and foremost it's not a HiHo look.
Modern with lots of color and bold graphics. These are all examples of rugs she would be thrilled to be taking with her to school.
With energy levels high, her younger sister Aubrey, good friend Claudia and I marched into IKEA Tuesday afternoon.We started with lunch....I had the Swedish Meatballs. A must when visiting IKEA. We then entered the maze of arrows, Whitney's list in hand and optimistic. Two hours later in the rug department....well lets just say, we still needed to go to the lamps at that point.Good thing we all brought our sense of humor. Whitney was genuinely happy with all her purchases, it truly was a productive shopping trip. With the added bonus of staying within her budget. This is a shot of me before the Swedish Meatballs wore off. I'm wearing my super new pink Crocs ( a gift from my daughter Whitney) and I'm holding the rug she choose for a door mat in her dorm room.
A long day and we topped it off with a Trader Joe's snack. I will be up for another trip to IKEA with the girls, but lets wait until next year....and keep it under three hours next time.
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