Tuesday, November 17, 2009

#1 Christmas Theme 2009

In an attempt to blog posts of this year's Christmas themes (in some sort of a timely manner) , I have decided to post each theme in the order in which I created them in my mind. What do I mean by that? OK, lets see....in the Spring, when HiHo introduced candy at the counter area, it was because we had always done well with candy during the holiday season. So I would say in April it became clear that the Headliner Room would showcase traditional colors and a Candyland theme for the 2009 Christmas season.Peppermint Bark, Ribbon Candy, Melt-a-ways, Candy Canes, we have them all this year.Lots of options for small gifts, paired with tons of nostalgia, books, candles, boxed cards, boiled wool pom pom garlands, mistletoe and many other treats.
Vintage furniture in playful colors, lend a whimsical playful feeling to this room. The pair of chartreuse chairs are from the Metropolitan Opera House they are outlined in tassels and are FANTASTIC!!! I took a photo of this rooms featured tree....blurry, coming soon. Hint, hint we did a little monkeying around :) with this tree.
In my mind, since August, this themed room featured a hanging clear pail light fixture loaded with candy, I'm happy to say in real life it does too. Stay tuned for many more shots of the 2009 Christmas themes at HiHo and the stories of their inspiration.