Monday, September 29, 2008

A Change In The Wind

Everyone seems to be focused on the world economy this week. I'm not sure if I understand the big picture, but I do know it sounds like a lot of doom and gloom. For this "Polly Anna," I find it hard to linger in this place of negative press. I continue to find comfort in my surroundings, feel blessed for my family, enjoy the company of friends and move forward with thoughts of better days ahead. Remember this Fall season will be beautiful and living here in the Hudson Valley is a gift. Life is good. This I am sure....the winds will change and HiHo is holding steady through the storm as a retreat or haven for all seeking an escape. Renew your outlook, stop by and shake off all the negativity, Polly would.
"I found something to be glad about."

Friday, September 26, 2008

Autumn Colors

This past week has been spent receiving shipments of new merchandise. The colors of the new textiles swing the entire shop into rich hues. The most noticeable change is in the Haute' Haven room, adding the deep colored roses to the pastel setting has the room singing for fall.Wonderful new pillows, tablecloths, knit and quilted throws have all arrived.Humphrey is nested in this wing back chair for the long rainy day, these autumn color pillows are a steal at twenty four dollars each and the knit throw is so cozy.
I was very lucky to come across this designer, seven foot high, three panel screen. A lot of fun to match it up with the funky ceiling fixture.

We spent hours mixing and matching tabletop textiles from a few different vendors, creating a original look to inspire our customers. Offering a range in price points as well.

We are very excited, that after many requests we are now offering silk flowers by the stem. Our Mimi will still be designing and selling her arrangements, but for a little treat you will be able to get just one if you wish.

This hall table and corner chair in gold, showcases one of Mimi's amazing arrangements. As the favorites keep coming in I will do my best to let you know they have arrived. The Aunt Sadies candles came in yesterday, Apple Pie, Cranberry Orange, Pumpkin Pie and our number one seller Tree in a Can.

Plan a visit soon , don't let all the goodies get away before you get a chance to see them.

Monday, September 15, 2008


The weekend proved to be great fun for all, our 4Th Annual Tent Event was a success. Time was spent making the shop look it's best.
Tammy at Wrights Farm supplied us with beautiful mums and Sal from the Inn At The Ridge loaded the sleds with pumpkins for the kids.
I hung the red, white, and blue,while Everett pulled out his now famous cow head.
The weather cooperated on Saturday but tested our limit with the heat and humidity on Sunday.
The library held it's book sale across the road and HiHo's own Susan Hill was leader and chief of the very successful fund raiser.
The HiHo tent had loads of personality with booths representing a wide selection of products.

Melinda and Martha from Widmark Farm offered honey tasting along with fun chit chat.

Humphrey worked with the town's dog warden and collected donations for local dog adoption.

Carol offered up a selection of mixed vintage items while requesting old favorites from the band.

There really was something for everyone.

Charlie gathered his assortment under the tent and along the fence.

Heidi of Tuthilltown Tots showcased her baby products.

Reina was up on her feet and going, going, going all weekend.

Mike Rice brought his friends to jam at the event. HiHo's talented extended family joined in... Claudia's husband Don played guitar and sang, even Aubrey got in on the act.

The pictures don't do the weekend justice...the girls at the barber shop cut hair outside under a canopy, people enjoyed pizza under the umbrellas across the street and the town had an energy that is hard to capture in a short blog. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make it happen, building a strong sense of community in the hamlet is a magical thing...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

ODE TO 1960

Like every generation, the thirty something crowd is now choosing their grandparents furniture to furnish their homes. What was old is now new again....over and over again. You know... hip huggers, known now as low rise. Everything is now "retro". Here at HiHo we are featuring a few pieces of furniture that fit this description and by enhancing the shots to look "retro" it's hard to believe the shots were taken over the past two weeks. This orange chair is one of a pair of chairs.
This pair of amazing green chairs are getting a lot of attention in the front of the shop.
Who wouldn't love to use this ice bucket for a special occasion?
All of these classic 1960 looks are the trend in home decor right now, bright colors, clean lines and the freedom to mix it up. Two weeks ago my husband and I had the pleasure of taking our oldest daughter off to college. She had months planning the look of her dorm room. ( I'm sure that doesn't surprise anyone, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree) This shot of her was taken in her room on her first day as a college student. Whitney is loving college life and her "retro" room. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and encouragement on her behalf.

Whitney at Rider University in New Jersey.


We have finally arrived at beginning of the Fall season. Saturday and Sunday are packed with fun things to do. Gardiner's Library Sale, Gardiner Day, The Taste of New Paltz and HiHo's Tent Event. I look forward to sharing the fun with you. Some of the dealers from the second floor of the shop will be joining the tent crowd outside. Friends have promised to stop by with guitars in hand. Like years past we are using the event to promote a local cause.A number of local papers ran with our press release, along with a photo of Aubrey and Humphrey. Very exciting!! Now we just pray for good weather and everyone to stop by. I look forward to seeing you...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Easy Come, Easy Go

I have been preparing for the Fall season, buying up goodies to fill the shop. Making my list and checking it twice for the Holiday season. It seems you are all ready to buy now...things are going out the door as fast as they are coming in. It does not seem fair to post shots of items that are already sold. I guess I need to take photos of items before they hit the sales floor? The newest fun piece in the shop, is this very cute piano. These brand new Top Hat lamps have velvet shades and are sure to add
personality to any room.

This fantastic vintage floor standing bird cage, is so much fun for collections.

I love the Fall, kids back in school, cooler weather and HiHo's Tent Event only a week away. Stay in touch for lots of info about our 4th annual!