Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Carving Out a Nook For Yourself

As a self proclaimed work alcoholic and decor crazed enthusiast it was nice to be reminded to make space for myself. Recently I was gifted the most visually beautiful book Hers by Jacqueline deMontravel. Hers published in December of 2011 and offers hundreds of stylish ways for creating your own private retreat. (I'm not sure how this book snuck by me, it has endless decor inspirations.)
With hundreds of amazing photographs to choose favorite ideas from you’ll be motivated to start remixing, organizing and carving out a nook for yourself in know time.
The time has come to create an enchanted place, a private retreat for myself. This is a must have book...motivation, ideas, inspiration and it's all about you. What more could you want? Maybe a little space of your own ;)) Enjoy.