Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ideas,Deadlines & Plans...Oh My

The days seem long and then stop short, the days run into each other and then the week arrives at does this happen? Over and over I am always running behind, never enough time to execute the the ideas, plans and displays in my head. Oh yeah, the drawings are on scrap sheets of paper, small notebooks, in my bag, tucked under the counter, even on the backs of auction bid numbers. It seems like it has been weeks since I have had order to the creative process. Maybe there has been and I'm over looking it?
My friend Isabella says, if you plant the seed, water it , take care of it and love it, the only thing it can do is grow.
She is a fellow retailer and this is her way of referring to our businesses. It has made me realize I'm still watering and loving my business, and probably always will. If I look at each potential project that I'm mulling over in my head, in this manner, completing anyone of them seems unobtainable.
For example; sure I have plans to create *fabulousness* for the Gardiner Cupcake Festival, will it be the way it is in my head? No, but I'm planting the seed, I have even watered it a lot, it's growing....however, in directions I haven't planned for. Unforeseen changes, new inspirations and time restraints have me feeling the days slipping away and now the realization of time running out. The dead line is less than a week away. The reality check please.
Time to edit the scraps of drawings done by a dreamer into the work of a shop owner. Yes, onto the transition from tidbits of ideas to a finished project. The challenge, convincing myself it's a creative process and not work.
Unobtainable, not really, just busy growing...Ah, HA, love it and it will grow, thanks, Izzi...