Monday, August 3, 2009

Two For You and Two For Me

The story behind the photo panels in the HiHo parking lot. Yes, I painted them , but they are not really mine....

In 1995 Mr. HiHo was working at a TV station that was giving their new's set a makeover. He mentioned the amount of waste from the breakdown of the old set. At the time I was on the Gardiner Day Committee. I requested two of the stage floor panels, so I might paint them for photo panels. I thought they would be a nice addition to the once a year event. They took me about a week of painting...I did so when naps were happening and before the school bus arrived each day. I have always loved them, although they received a luke warm reception from the committee. They are stored in the garage at the park and if the weather is pleasant and someone thinks of it they are put on display for four hours once a year.

sorry, it's taking me a while to get to the point....

In May when we ( the Main Street Gang) planned the Cupcake Festival, I became an Indian Giver. I had every intention of using them for one day and then putting them back in the garage at the park. Then it seemed people were enjoying them ....hmmm, I will leave them up for a couple of weeks. Now it has been month's, and a lot of rain too. Well now I might as well wait until after the Tent Event weekend and then touch them up and put them back in the garage right???? Anyway they were a gift from our family to the town and HiHo has them in the parking lot on loan. They will be returned on the 15th of September...if it's a pleasant day and I think of it.(I'm so bad)

My name is Heidi and I'm an Indian Giver.