Saturday, April 4, 2009

Random Acts Of Pinkness

Hmmm, my scissors have pink handles, my cell phone is pink, I have a couple of pink pocket books, pink lipstick, pink dishes, sunglasses that are pink( if I could find them) and the list goes on...lets see....want to meet lots of bloggers that embrace pink? Visit Beverly, just click on the Pink Saturday pic in the side bar.

The pace of this week was fast and faster.

It went something like this... my parents were here from out of town. They came for a short but nice visit.( they are Florida Birds and we are a rest stop on the way home.) Dinner out, German food and stories of my youth....I loved Pink Floyd. Favorite album, Dark Side of the Moon.

Went to auction one evening after a day at the shop. It was a disappointing assortment of things, oh well...I only got a few things. Nothing pink. Can you imagine if this had been the auction I attended , I would have needed three trucks! I spent my day off with my friend, Isabella. She is a very talented artist that works with beads. Book work, lunch, a shopping trip and we topped the day off with a chocolate milkshake.Had a morning meeting about the cupcake festival. A long day at the shop peppered with visitors... landscaper, committee members, customers and a town board member going over sidewalk plans. The phone rang all day and Humphrey seemed to bark more than usual.(this is not my Humpty, Richard (Mr. HiHo)would never approve of pink on his little guy)However he could stand in for Humphrey as a double...

That evening Richard and I went out for some alone time and a much needed drink.

The next morning...ran in to the neighboring town on a Cupcake Fest. errand and another full day at the shop....preparing for the Spring Cleaning Sale. Oh, I forgot to mention somewhere in is crazy week I have been feeding my family, taking showers and more importantly blogging, HaHa.Did I mention I work with some great people on a board of a business association. Well we are fine tuning this years directory and the emailing goes on....and on, they just keep going and going. I think we finally have finished up that project. Went out on the town again ...ran into some friends (but one friend was nearly seeing pink elephants... if you know what I mean.)

The new selection of Spring quilted throws are in and during the Spring Cleaning Sale they are marked ten dollars off making them only 29.95!

I 'm awaiting the arrival of a friend from the West Coast, this weekend. Wouldn't it be something if she arrived in a pink plane?

I finished my week tagging items throughout the shop for the sale, with homemade pink tickets...I couldn't find any in the right shade of pink in a store. I know you all understand when I say... the right shade of pink matters.

Have a great Pink Saturday!