Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Week's Tuesday Project

Tuesdays HiHo is closed, but I still work. Today's project has been in the works in my head for months. It was, and is, pretty exciting that so much of the project came together today. I had decided to use an old china cupboard to make a display fixture for the shop. We have jewelry arriving soon and I need a place to showcase it. The idea; upholster the back of the cupboard with panels. Making the padding a nice place to pin and display necklaces and such.

Hmmm, what color, I need boards cut, maybe use Velcro, could even make a stage like setting by draping fabric on each side of the cupboard. Need a place for Hazel the dress form. Oh, what about those old hand rails, they might work?
Last night, was the trip to the fabric store, almost successful, got the panel fabric but not the drape fabric. Then decided to look at tablecloths, shower curtains and any other option that might work. Wahla! Ralph Lauren tablecloths, not only matched Hazel and the panel fabric but felt like it would work in HiHo.
Not yet complete, but a good amount done for one day. I will be sure to post, when this new area is featuring our newest product line ;)