Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Grilling Display

Determined for the warm weather to arrive, I set up this fun patio grill display. The grill is a vintage 1960's piece. I'm sure used with much pride by it's previous owner.

Set on stone mats and surrounded with fun outdoor entertaining garb, the grill is great as a summer fixture in the shop. But you know I won't keep's priced to sell.Perfect for showing of our private label dressings, wooden handle serving utensils along with some gift baskets. I love the Patio Daddy-O book, it's full of great tips, recipes, but best of all vintage photo's of Dads grilling. The picnic basket has a full set of plastic dishes and flatware, and when it comes time for a quick clean up... Dad can use his handy dandy matching ash bucket!

How great would your Dad look flipping buns on this one?


Jenny S said...

This is so cute!! I would love to have a grill that pretty on my back porch!! WOW!!

Kris said...

That is one happening grill. I'm sure it won't last long, but what really grabbed my attention is the Daddy-O Grill book. I love it!!!!!

Going to check out your shop again.

Have a happy day


Lisa said...

That's so cool. Thanks for the pics!
Hugs, Lisa

Deanna said...

If my father saw this...he'd be on the next flight out to NY! I love the book! I'd give my right arm to peek inside! LOL!

Deanna :D

Liz said...

I'm in love with that ash bucket! So cute!

Have a great Easter weekend!