Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why Clean When You Can Shop?

What do you visualize when you think of Spring Cleaning?

You should be visualizing great furniture in a beautiful shop and thinking about HiHo's Spring Cleaning Sale!


Lisa said...

I love your pics. Almost makes me want to clean! hehehe I just love retro! Wish I could visit your store. Maybe I'll be in the area someday and I'll stop in!

Hugs, Lisa

a painter said...

Those images cracked me up--and made my morning!

Hope to visit your store next time in your area. I am a Yorkie owner/mother/slave of a 4 pounder named Hank, who is now eight. Long time Yorkie person--my first lived until age 19. Your Yorkie is adorable.

Your shop looks GORGEOUS!

Jenny S said...

What a great picture post! We carry these cute tea towel at our shop and my favorite on has the picture of the lady holding up the frying pan. The caption says "What a wonderful anniversary gift, I think I'll beat his (butt) to death with it!" It is my favorite!!

GardenDesigner said...

good morning Heidi!
I wish I lived by your shop! I would pick up a quilt in seconds! Thanks for stoppin by my Blog!

Did you see the pics of my little dog?

Have a great week!


Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Just love the 50s images!