Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Robin

My Dad has a tale he tells about Spring...he says the first Robin you see of the season is a sign of your prosperity for the year. I was reminded of this about a week ago when admiring a blog post that had lovely picture of a Robin featured.
The tale goes something like this...a Robin viewed in flight means a very wealthy year. A Robin in a tree is a pretty good sign too. Well you can tell where this is going, a Robin on the ground, hmmm, not so good. So every year in the Spring I gaze upwards as much as possible. I do believe in this way of predicting the years wealth, because the year my first Robin was in flight I did make some money. I think that was in the 80's, (didn't everyone have money then?) Anyway... Last years Robin was hopping on the ground, ( I waited till it took flight, I figured it couldn't hurt). The year was good but did have ups and downs.
OK, that brings us to this week. I still had not seen my first Robin of this Spring as of Friday, so I was diligently viewing upward when ever I was out and about. Remember I do believe in this stuff... My Dad is half Black Foot Indian and some how it doesn't seem that far fetched to think of it as a reasonable way to predict the year. Friday evening I hurried out to the high school for a function and...turned the corner...and what did I see...Robin road kill.

I'm no longer a believer!


Susan said...

I'm laughing with you, not at you, when I say LOL!!

Kris said...

Well I'm not sure what to say, but LOL!! and I'm sorry for LOL.

If I were to believe in this story I think this is going to be a great year (which I believe it is regardless of the story) We have a Robin that has nested in a hanging basket on our porch. There are 3 Robin's eggs in the nest. I did a post about it on my blog. I did see the Robin in flight before I seen her sitting in the nest. We can watch her while sitting on the sofa.

Should I be expecting checks in the mail??????? Think I'm going to go out and buy a lottery ticket. :)

Have a happy day


Jenny S said...


Betty Jo said...

Your post brought a much needed giggle for me today. ♥

dana said...

The entire time I was reading your story, I'm thinking "She's gonna see a big, fat robin in a tree" and THEN you hit us with the road kill ending! That was a hoot!! Thanks for such a funny share!

I so loved looking a some of your previous posts--I'll bet your shop is darling!! The Cupcake Festival sounds like a blast! I'll look forward to seeing how that turns out!

Have a great April Fools Day! :) Dana

Lisa said...

OH NO! We have a bird feeder out the main window at work. So I see them on it or flying away mostly. That should be pretty good? Hope your year is great!

Hugs, Lisa