Friday, January 22, 2010

Humphrey's Birthday Special

I run at full speed 95% of the time and that means I forget to do things from time to time. I had plans to order a beautiful selection of dog themed books for the shop. A collection of books , in honor of Humphrey's birthday {my Yorkie}. However this past Sunday I relized , I had missed out on ordering them in time for delivery by his birthday. That brings me to HiHo's hero of the week, Amy, my book rep, she put together a wonderful order of books with me. She arrived in the snow, Sunday afternoon and made it happen.
The books arrived today, everyone I selected, BRAVO, Amy!!!! Each one more beautiful than the next and with a vintage flare.
The Best Dog In The World, is a book we sold through the holiday season and couldn't keep on the shelf.

Shaggy Muses, has short stories of dogs that inspired writers the likes of , Virgina Woolf.
The list goes on....and in the spirit of a Birthday Party Weekend each one of these books is 10% off all weekend.
We have never discounted new arrivals before like this, but then again Humphrey has never been seven before. Be sure to stop by for a cupcake this weekend....


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! hope it's filled with lots of fun!

Deanna said...

SWEETIE!!! I've missed you but have never stopped thinking about you! Happy Birthday to Humphrey...such a looker :D

Hope you are doing well. Write me soon

Deanna :D