Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Bride?

With the month of June's arrival, I was motivated to set the mood in our Haute' Haven room. Anyone familiar with HiHo knows I love layering. Stacking these two tables and piling on the two sets of china, had me smiling all day.These very popular mini domed cake stands, work great as a lift for the cup/saucer and a cover for your favorite dessert. Nothing wrong with splitting the set.
Pulling a tea cart or a smaller table right up to the dinning table gives you a chance to extend the theme of the table and have more space for serving.
Add the unexpected, the cloth rose petals and the candle favors, will make your guests feel special. You don't need an special occasion to enjoy entertaining.


Claudia said...

Looks great, Heidi! Love the top table - is that new? Miss you!

Lisa said...

Very Lovely! I saw a wedding recently where the china was mixed, LOVE IT!!

Jenny S said...

Soo pretty! I got two set of china for my wedding. They are both the same set, but one is patterned. I love mixing the sets!

Anonymous said...

Oh to be a june bride :-)

I love your table setting with the layers of plates with green and then a glass dome. Also love how you placed the teacups in the stands. now that's something :-)