Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Trip to PA

My husband Richard and I realized a few years ago that we could travel a short distance from home and feel like we have traveled to another world. Thankfully going only a short distance, gives us the peace of mind that if needed we could be home or to the shop within an hour. Well as always it's a business run for merchandise, mixed with good food and time together. We waded through many hours of cluttered booths of "stuff ". He brought a camera so I could share part of our adventure.
The Selection of Pottery Was Endless

Every Space Was Loaded

Richard Standing Under a Huge Flag

The longer we wondered about hunting through for things to bring back, the sillier we got. Pointing out outrageous items to each other and enjoying the laughter.

Richard Kissing Up to The Locals

The Vintage Playboy Magazines Were a Hit

I really enjoyed seeing all the great Christmas decor on display. We saw many home made items from the 50's and enjoyed reading album covers from holiday record covers. Yes of course a few items made it back to my house.... a little paper house with a pink roof and three caroling girls in pink robes will now be a part of our Christmas.

Me With a Fantastic Assortment of Vintage Santas

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