Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion?

This was the title of another blogger's post this past week and the topic of a discussion I had with a fellow retailer. The retailer made the point that when you interview for a job why don't people just come out and say " I want to make the most money for the least amount of work"? His point being, doesn't everybody in the room know that is what the interview is for anyway? So why do we (shop owners) tip toe around our desire to sell products and make money? It's not like we don't have a counter in the shop featuring a cash register.

I think it's pretty clear we are dreamers, passionate about our businesses, part of the flavor of the community and it can't be a news flash that we need to make money doing it? It's our job.We work hard and all most harder politely, suggesting a purchase. Would it really be a shameless self promotion to come out and say ...."Hi! let me sell you something today?", when customers enter the shop? Isn't that what you see every twelve minutes when your watching TV? So why was the blogger calling herself a shameless self promoter? Maybe it's just the fact that small businesses can't hire someone to sing their praises? I say toot your own horn , your the one that knows how great your business me....

HiHo is a great place to shop, with a wonderful selection of merchandise, friendly customer service, clean, organized, great prices and really inspiring displays. I can't bring myself to also much do you have to spend today? Baby steps, maybe I'll try that next week...hee, hee.


Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

If I could get myself to drive over those winding mountain roads from Vermont to NY, I would stop in. Would I buy? Why yes, I certainly would, because I would find something for my mom who lives about the same distance further east of you. I just cannot get this Dallas freeway mind (and stomach) in gear for that trip. Embarrassing to say, but my 78 year old mother came to visit me since we have been back north.

My husband's brother's birthday is in 10 days. He wants me to make the trip. (Oh, no! in my best southern drawl with hand to my forehead.) Possibly. If so, you have sold me!

But, the rain! The relentless rain and driving. Where is summer?

On the moth balls and foxes...that would be an awful lot...not sure. I think moving to sunshine is a better idea. :-)

Jennifer said...

You go! There's nothing like self promotion, in fact, the one's who toot their horns the loudest get noticed more, right? :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!

Jillian said...

Good for you! I have a hard time with this and even separated my shop blog from my everyday blog. The two weren't blending too well, at least, in my opinion.

Lee Beth said...

Wouldn't it be great if you could just come out and say that at an interview? Good picture by the way too.

Deanna said...

Hi sweetheart! I believe you should toot your horn...LOUD! TOOT TOOT!

I keep telling Nancy to move back to Texas so we can go shopping! She won't listen to!!

Deanna :D