Friday, May 29, 2009

Special Attraction

That's us a "Special Attraction", as part of the Shawangunk Wine Trail. This shot was taken last week over the Memorial Day Weekend.The Shawangunk Wine Trail is an eighty-mile-long trail that boasts a unique combination of spectacular scenery, memorable restaurants and shops, and of course, fine wines.I'm thrilled that HiHo is now apart of the trail. Meeting customers in transit to and from the winerys here in the valley is very exciting.
These photos are shots of Yancy and Michael's winery, Whitecliff Vineyards. They are friends of mine and really helped in making HiHo apart of the trail. Their beautiful winery and vineyard are less than a five minute drive from HiHo. You can purchase some of their award winning wines when vising them at . Learn about other amazing wineries along the Shawangunk Wine Trail at , you can even get information on how to join.

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Lisa said...

oh how beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Lisa