Monday, May 11, 2009

Home Town USA

" Yes", the cupcake festival was a grand success!!!

With rain threatening and puddles everywhere the people came, hundreds of them. Wow! We sold more than 1200 cupcakes in two hours. Tammy and her staff at Wrights Farm baked 500 hundred of the cupcakes, these are photos of only some of the assortment they sold. They were beautiful. I took the shots before the Festival began.
The day was lovely, it never rained.....that was not the forecast, thank goodness the weather man is never right.Before the road was closed off, Aubrey put the finishing touches on our candy display. A local Trio opened the day with pretty classical selections. Everett surprised me and suggested he pull out the cow head.

My cupcakes, Whitney and Aubrey.

Susan worked the day over at the library's tent, sporting a very cute vintage apron.

I had planned on more photo's however the shop got busy and before you know it the day was over and the girls and I never even had a cupcake. A great day....


Lisa said...

What a great post! How can a cupcake festival notbe a success! Thanks!
Hugs, Lisa

Susan said...

Great photos of the day, HiHo! Was really a fabulous event...thanks for planning it! I changed my FB profile photo to the cupcake photo ;-)

dana said...

OMG!! What fun. The festival did turn out beautifully--it looks like sooo much fun! I loved seeing all of your wonderful photos of the day! Dana

Dawn said...

Wow! Looks like your hard work paid off, I'm glad it was a grand success!