Saturday, February 14, 2009

Serve Up a Complete Look

We have all been in the situation. You know, guests, a great menu and not quite the right utensils. In the search for all things lovely and utilitarian, I came across these wonderful boxed sets. We sold them during the Holiday Season and now will be selling them year round. They are the perfect gift. The hostess gift you want to receive.

As the winter lingers it is always nice to have guests over to share an evening in your home. Nesting this time of year seems to be easy. Now is the time to be creative and mix up your everyday dishes with pieces from your not so used know the dishes you love but never use, the ones in the back of the cupboard. Don't worry if a set is not complete. Tables set with pieces pulled together creatively are always more personal.Like these two sweet saucers. Use them for fruit salad or bread plates, they would spice up the look of the table. This traditional pine patterned china would look wonderful with a green charger or even mixed with a 1950's plaid patterned dinner set. Try using a quilted throw for a tablecloth or layer a tablecloth with place mats. Have fun, you can't go wrong. You have kept the dishes in the back of the cupboard because you love them, now use them. Don't have fun pieces to mix them with? Stop by and let us help you pull a look together. So you can serve up a complete look that shows off your personal style.

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