Saturday, February 7, 2009

Because You're Worth It!

Had a chat with a neighbor today,( she doesn't shop in HiHo). I never really questioned it, I figured she wasn't the shopping type.(although she has been in twice that I'm aware of.) Her little house is spic and span , her gardens wrap around all four sides of her property, she entertains at home a lot and somehow it didn't occur to me that SHE IS our target customer. Hmmmm, why isn't she walking down the street to HiHo once in a while, even if just to get inspiration? As I reflected on the conversation, I came to the conclusion that she perceives HiHo as being out of her price range. Maybe I have displayed my shop so it looks like prices could be high.... but my prices have always been an "honest Joe deal". How did this happen? Have I scared some potential customers away by offering a lovely shopping experience? Do people really think bad service and lack of creative displays mean good prices?
After Christmas a visiting customer commented that Adams was selling a product we sell, however it was now on sale for 60% off. The product was now fifteen dollars at Adams and was always and will always be twelve dollars at HiHo.
I try to be upfront and honest with our customers. I plan on continuing to run my business and write my blog in this spirit. Work hard, work long, push to do my best, offer all who visit the best of me and if people perceive that it is beyond them, what can I say?
"Hope you stop in to see me at the shop... you deserve a deal, in a pleasant setting, that's inspiring and has good service!"
Didn't Heather Locklear do a commercial for a hair product?
..."Because you're worth it!" or was it..."Because I'm worth it!"
I guess that was another commercial...sorry.
She did the Faberge Organic shampoo featuring the line:
"and she'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on"
I guess that's all I can hope for after someone visits the shop....but please, could someone tell my neighbor, she's worth it?

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isabellastreasures said...

You better believe I'm worth it! And yes...I do tell many a friend(and customers)about your store... sharing a treasure in the Hudson Valley with others. I guess both those commercials speak to me!