Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It Is Heavy

A few weeks ago I mentioned to a fellow antique dealer and friend, Charlie, that I was hunting all things black and white for the shop. To my surprise he offered to sell me this amazing granite top table. Snow had delayed it's arrival to the shop, but yesterday Charlie and I slowly moved it in. I am so happy with the quality of this table. It has a drawer at one end and it's simplicity is timeless. It can easily seat six.
Thank you so much Charlie.


Claudia said...

Don told me about the table - gorgeous. If only that granite top fit on my kitchen island! The black and white looks great as does the little phone table and chair!

isabellastreasures said...

Gorgeous table...gorgeous store. It is such an experience entering Hiho.
I'm always delighted to see what new display Heidi has come up with and I am never disappointed. Spring is in bloom at Hiho. Go visit and get a breath of fresh air!