Thursday, August 7, 2008

Latest Treasures

The newest goods always seem to be favorites for the moment. Purchasing items that have personality, HiHo's look and will fit in to the current themes, is not always easy. Somehow it has been easy the last couple of auctions. The small scale chaise lounge had a slip cover when I bought it, so it was a surprise to find it in perfect condition when I removed the cover. The "Hitchcock like style" highchair is in fantastic condition, it's certain to become a family heirloom. I always hunt sets of chairs for our customers. This set of four has nice cained seats and are very sturdy. Sometimes I come across furniture that is just plain fun. This yellow table, with a bamboo look would add whimsy to any room. Setting it up in the shop along side the dog we call "Old Yellow"lets customers see its playful side.This week proves that treasures are always out there waiting for us. HiHo is the place we hope you can say you found your last and next treasure. Stop in and have fun hunting! See you soon...

yellow table SOLD...............................................set of chairs SOLD

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