Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Under Construction

The past few months I have struggled with my limited computer skills. Yes I am a one finger key board wizard who had gotten along fine without cyberspace. I had also lived with white walls in my home for years, life is so much better in color...
Mike Rice of Net Prophet has been my teacher, my mentor and the voice of reason, guiding me through the construction of HiHo's web site. My knowledge of web sites and blogs went as far as knowing that I should have them. Mike was wonderful in taking my interpretation of what I desired in a site and made it a reality.
All the photos used for the site were taken by me over the past three years, to be used as a reference. I wanted to be sure we weren't repeating displays and that things would always look fresh. That's why it's so impressive to look at the site and see how Mike was able to make the shots look like they were taken with the site in mind. Not to mention that he was able to teach me how to blog, hell... make files, upload photo's and even scan.
Yes my creative input is all over the web site, but I don't think working with anyone else would have produced such a fun and professional result. With only four pages to go before the site is complete...some of the best pages, I want to thank my new friend Mike for his patience. You're a Rock Star!

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