Sunday, May 18, 2008

Friends and Gifts

A gift from a friend is always a wonderful gesture, but when a friend thinks of you because they see something that they know will make you happy and they purchase it, present it to you...well that's a sweet wonderful thing. My friend Bryan brought such a gift to me the other afternoon. There was no special occasion, he had remembered a conversation we had about a year ago.When working together on the renovation of the Christmas Room, I had mentioned my desire for a mail slot. My thought was, children could come to HiHo and mail their letters directly to Santa. This sounds like an easy request, however in the limited space of the room a mail box was out of the question. Also remember in our quest for all things previously loved and worn, a trip to a super store for a average door slot was out of the question. A mail slot for Santa's lists had to be just right, I had put the thought out of my mind and then Bryan found the perfect letter drop. As if it were not enough to give me/HiHo such a lovely gift....he also installed the letter slot in the front of the candy cane counter and it's ready for mail as we speak.
HiHo can only hope to be a place where friends buy gifts of special meaning for each other. I am grateful though that much of HiHo is built on the thoughtfulness of good friends. Thank you Bry Bry...

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